Portia Paris

Portia Paris
Measurements: 32-26-32
Bra size: 32M
Implant size: 1500cc
Lip fillers: Large
Butt augmentation: None
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Birthday: November 30, 1990
Location: Sydney, Australia
Where to find her: Brazzers

Portia Paris is an incredibly sexy bimbo barbie doll. She has the perfect doll look. Long skinny legs. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. A tiny frame and those great big fake tits! She got her lips filled to make them extra pouty. She maintains that slim figure for the tits on a stick look. When you look at her all you can think of is sex. She is a perfect bimbo doll. She has the bedroom eyes that make you want her so badly. Everything about this girl is sexy. I love her look and can’t wait to see where she goes in the future!

Plastic Surgery

Portia Paris has an amazing set of perfect fake tits. They are 1500cc. Created by the master, Don Revis. She upgraded her D tits to the 1500cc 32M monsters they are now. Her tits are perfectly round and have great nipple placement. When it comes to 1500cc boob job, she has one of the best out there. They are really big on her frame. Pushing her clothes to the limits. Portia also has had quite a big of lip filler. Her lips are filled to a really big size. They have that pouty look to them. There is no mistaking her lips for real. She has plumped them up to an obviously fake, but still very sexy look. Her lips may be too extreme for some people. But most men love her look.

Adult Entertainment

Portia has worked as a glamour model, escort and porn star. She regularly tours Australia as a high-end escort. Portia recently signed on with Brazzers and is making hardcore porn videos. Check out some of her clips! She posts a lot of glamour photos on her social media. You can find some of her older stuff under the name Sarah Maria Summer. She still had those great big fake tits under her old name.

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