Kelly Pearl

Bra size: 30K
Implant size: 1600cc
Lip fillers: Medium
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Birthday: April 25, 1989
Location: Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany
Where to find her: MyDirtyHobby

Kelly Pearl is a blonde with huge fake tits and tattoos. She is a glamour model and social media influencer. Kelly has a passion for clothing and marijuana. She is almost always posting about one or the other. Or both.

Plastic Surgery

Kelly currently has a great set of 1600cc fake boobs (30K bra size). They are really big and have a great shape. Perfectly round and great projection. She has a great pin-up look. Her previous breast augmentation was 830cc. Kelly gets her lips filled regularly. They are pouty and perfect. They give her that sex doll look.

Body Art

Kelly has a lot of tattoos. A full sleeve on her right arm. A lot of ink on her left arm. Tattoos on her legs and back. Her tattoos are really sexy. They go great with her good girl gone bad look.


She is very active on social media and has a good sized following. Kelly features her boobs in almost everything she posts. Not that I blame her, her tits are amazing. She loves interacting with her fans and has a very sweet personality. Aside from social media, she is also involved in a clothing company called “Mlk’N’Mny” or Milk & Money. Kelly has also been a brand ambassador for Stoned Island

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