Implant size: 800cc
Lip fillers: Small
Butt augmentation: None
Hair color: Black, Blonde, Brunette

Super sexy asian bimbo BarbieDDolls has an awesome set of 800cc fake tits. Those boobs are a work of art. Sculpted by a master crafter. They look amazing, so big and round. Someone did a great job. They fit perfectly on her tiny frame. She loves the slim and busty look. You can tell she has a passion for it. Her body is toned and her tits are huge. She loves showing off those boobs too. Her social media is full of lingerie pics. A real blessing on your timeline.

She is thinking about getting butt implants. Or at least asked people what they think. Usually an upgrade. But can you improve on perfect? I certainly wouldn’t mind finding out.

One thing she is planning on upgrading is her boobs. I hope she does. I think a bigger set would look amazing on her. It’s her decision in the end and safety is always a concern. But I’m all for bigger. 800cc looks good on her, but bigger would definitely be better in this case. She is actively working on funding her next boob job so I think it is a strong possibility. Right now they are DD. Interested to see where she goes next.

She was born in the year 2000 and currently lives in Los Angeles. A good city for barbie girls to live. Lot’s of great plastic surgeons in that area. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of this sexy asian bimbo. I hope she stays active for a long time. Her content is amazing.

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