Anastasia Doll

Implant size: 1200cc
Lip fillers: Large
Butt augmentation: Implants, BBL, Filler
Hair color: Black
Where to find her: Official Website

The perfect bimbo Anastasia Doll. She has an amazing body, a gorgeous face, and those big perfect tits. Priding herself on looking flawless, Anastasia frequents the plastic surgeon’s office and is constantly improving. That hard work and dedication over the years shines through.

Her boobs have been upgraded over the years. The most recent took her from 1000cc to 1200cc, which was a massive upgrade. This gave her a lot of volume and the perfect round shape.

Her lips have been filled many times. She has the perfect pout.

Anastasia was born on June 8, 1995. She is a French-Russian mix. She speaks three languages. At 19 years old she started her modeling career. The camera loved her. That is where her road to perfection began. She works really hard to look the way she does. And she gets better by the day. Each post she gets hotter. Every video gets sexier.

I cannot get enough this gorgeous doll. Every man’s dream.

Anastasia is all over social media and very active online. Most of her concentration goes into her personal site, which filled with some of the best content I have ever seen. The clips she posts for free make my heart skip, but the real naught stuff is well worth paying for.

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