Fake Boobs by Implant Size

As you know I am a huge fan of the bimbo lifestyle and I love bimbo girls. I have made a list of fake boobs by implant size for you. For me, fake boobs are a must have for any aspiring bimbo. It is a major part of the journey to plastic perfection.

Many bimbos define themselves by the size of their breast implants. They often get booby greed and increase size over time. We love a greedy bimbo and enjoy watching her throughout her journey. Use this list to discover new models by the size of their implants.

This list is also a great resource for women looking to get new breast implants. They can use this list to help decide what size they want to get. If you are into the bimbofication lifestyle and are curious about what the various size of implants look like, this page is a great resource for you. I have organized various models using fake boobs by implant size as the focus.

I am always adding to my site and this list is constantly being updated. So please check back often as new girls are added daily.